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Spring is a time for fine tuning. Our athletes have been training at a high volume all off-season long. The baseball season is here and it’s time to move from adaptation driven training to performance focused. Intensive plyometrics, overcoming isometrics, and speed work at the minimum effective dose are implemented and paired with recovery modalities to keep the on-field performance week after week at the highest level. Sleep and lifestyle guidance are also provided to maximize performance.

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Summer at Great Lakes is all go! Our athletes say goodbye to their high school teams and hello to their club teams. The guys will spend the next 12 weekends on the road chasing wins across the country. The demands of the road take a toll on their bodies. Our focus in the summer months is to be the pit crew, recovery workouts, aerobic flushes, and contralateral circuits get the recovery going as they get home and with the remaining days before they peel out again, we top them off with some power and speed maintenance. Additionally, we provide these services remotely for longer stretches on the road.

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Fall training is twofold. We assist any teams through a final push of tournaments by providing maintenance and recovery and our schedule switches over to evening training because school has started. Once fall ball finishes up our training focus begins the cycle anew. We dial back the intensity and start to push on the volume pedal. We begin with general preparedness, sport specific energy systems, muscular endurance. Once we have carved out a strong base for our athletes, we start the building process. The remainder of fall training revolves around hypertrophy and strength training.


Off-season training is our bread and butter. We build our athlete’s athletic base by training general preparedness, sport specific energy systems, muscular endurance, and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. After a few months of setting a solid foundation, we begin to lay the bricks of strength and power. Strength raises the athlete's ceiling in terms of force output and power dictates how fast we can call on that force. As the spring season approaches, we begin to modify and mix in speed, conditioning, and extensive plyometrics to prepare for the demands on the body. Once the season is here our guys take the field as well-oiled machines.

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