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Great Lakes Baseball Academy started in the roots of youth baseball.  Our company emerged in 2015 with a vision to provide hundreds of athletes of all ages in the state of Minnesota a chance to receive elite instruction at an affordable rate.  While our vision remains focused on player development, character development, and changing lives through baseball, Great Lakes Baseball would like to develop into a statewide organization that serves communities and athletes outside of the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area.


Great Lakes Baseball Academy is committed to providing a positive environment that is conducive to our athletes’ mental, physical and social growth. We prepare our young men to become leaders and champions on and off the field by focusing on our athletes’ energy, enthusiasm and a desire to improve. We are committed to providing opportunities and exposure for our players by competing at a high level yet maintaining the “team first, athlete second” doctrine.  It is our hope that these principles will be internalized and remain with each of our players throughout his life both on and off the baseball field.

What Our Clients are saying



Kip Elliot
Executive Vice President & CFO
Minnesota Twins Baseball Club

“Our experience with Great Lakes Academy has been tremendous. We’ve been exposed to many members of the Great Lakes staff for several years now, and our experiences have been top-notch. The staff is not only a collection of knowledgeable baseball instructors, they are quality people who sincerely care about their players. My son’s team has had the good fortune to have a great deal of on-field success.  While winning certainly makes things more fun, the comradery amongst his teammates and coaches is an experience he will cherish well into his future. Participation in this program has unquestionably helped put my son in a position to play baseball at the college level following graduation. Most importantly, it has made him a better person in addition to making him a better ballplayer.”
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