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Spring is a time for fine tuning. Our athletes have been training at a high volume all off-season long. Because our youth athletes don’t have to contend with high school baseball, we can get a jump on the summer ball season. We introduce velocity focused training to mimic the demands of the sport and add in more speed and plyometric work.

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Summer at Great Lakes is all go! The athletes spend 12 weekends playing baseball and that demand takes a toll on their bodies. Our focus in the summer months is recovery workouts, aerobic flushes, and contralateral circuits to get the recovery going as well as program power and speed work.

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Fall youth training is imperative to the success of the off season. After the final maintenance training of fall ball finishes up, we begin with a general preparedness phase. This leads into a sport specific energy systems and muscular endurance focus. Young athletes learn and perfect mechanics and movements patterns that will serve them well in the upcoming off-season. The remainder of fall training revolves around hypertrophy and strength training.


Off-season training is our bread and butter. We build our athlete’s athletic base by training general preparedness, sport specific energy systems, muscular endurance, and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. After a few months of setting a solid foundation, we begin to lay the bricks of basic strength. Strength raises the athlete's ceiling in terms of force output. This will be our focus in the off-season for our youth athletes. We concurrently train speed and agility to keep them fast while also learning body awareness.

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