Great Lakes Driveline hitting program is designed to help hitters become more consistent hitters while developing a better understanding of the kinetic chain and how to create force using our two force vectors. The formula is pretty straightforward - stronger athletes that swing more efficiently create higher exit velocities. Using data and research driven instruction, there's not a more comprehensive hitting program in the state.

Program Details
Days: Tuesday & Friday
Dates: January 4th - April 1st
Time: Session 1  7:00pm-8:00pm  (2 Spots Left)


Package Includes

  • Rapsodo Testing and Monitoring

  • 12-Week DriveLine Hitting program

  • Monthly Designed Personal Hitting Charts

  • Individual Deficiency Programming

  • Baseline, Quarterly and Summative Data




13U-14U players




There's no secret to playing college baseball; throw hard and hit it farther. With this understanding in mind, our Great Lakes pitching coaches Joe Zorn and Matt Doornink have created a program with the specific goal of increasing arm strength, velocity, and durability.

Our program is designed from a combination of velocity and biomechanical elements from top industry leaders such as Driveline, Texas Baseball Ranch, Top Velocity, Eric Cressey Sports Performance, and more.

Players will focus on movements/mechanics, strength, explosiveness, shoulder stability and metal preparation as well as have access to high end industry training tools such as Core Velocity Belt, Velopro Trainer, King of the Hill Ground Force Trainer, and more. Video analysis will also be heavily utilized to evaluate your athlete's biomechanical patterns to develop and individualized program to increase velocity.

Program Details
           Days: Tuesday & Friday
           Dates: January 11th - March 25th
           Time: Session 1  8:00pm-9:00pm  (2 Spots Left)

Package Includes
             - Velocity Enhancement Throwing Drills
             - Mechanical Movement Drill Programming
             - Recovery, Post throwing Arm Care Protocols
             - 48 Point Mechanical Throwing Evaluation
             - Florida Baseball Armory Savage Training

           13U-14U players




Great Lakes uses the High-Performance Model approach for training high school baseball players. Drawing from years of collegiate experience, our performance team works closely with all departments of our coaching staff to ensure that what we do in training translates to improvements on the field. We train like the game is played. Utilizing data to drive decision making and address individual weaknesses, our programs are tailored not only to the position but to the individual. Along with world class programming our athletes improve nutrition, recovery, and their mental game.

Our High School Programs are available to beginner and advanced athletes alike. Using baseline testing and advanced technology monitoring, our training is tailored to the athlete's experience level to ensure safe progressions year-round. Daily/weekly check-ins and feedback evaluate each athlete’s performance and improvements. Regular testing and assessments keep our athletes in the correct lane of training ensuring them the biggest results in the fastest time.

Intake testing, hypertrophy & strength focused training, athlete monitoring.


4 Day - $620, 28 sessions ($22 per session)

3 Day - $505, 21 sessions ($24 per session)

2 Day - $365, 14 sessions ($26 per session)


Monday:  4:00pm | 5:00pm | 6:00pm

Tuesday:  4:00pm | 5:00pm | 6:00pm

Wednesday:  4:00pm | 5:00pm | 6:00pm

Thursday:  4:00pm | 5:00pm | 6:00pm

Friday:  4:00pm | 5:00pm | 6:00pm


Tuesday:  5:00pm | 6:00pm

Wednesday:  5:00pm | 6:00pm

Thursday:  5:00pm | 6:00pm

*60min Sessions*


Our SMALL GROUP lessons allows players to train alongside their buddies on a weekly basis.  All small group lesson are 4:1 player to coach ratio which provides your player with specialized, individual attention from our Great Lakes.  Our experienced staff consists of coaches who have played and coached at every level of the game and will offer the most thorough and proven development program in the area. Take advantage of the winter months by giving your athlete the detailed instruction he needs to take his game to the next level.



Lessons given at either of our indoor facilities (Woodbury & Arden Hills) are both challenging and informative yet given in a safe and upbeat environment. All of our instructors have played or coached at the professional or collegiate level and many have a primary education background, which is evident in their interaction with our athletes. Players will leave each lesson with drills they can work on at home to help reinforce proper mechanics and build muscle memory.